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Outdoor OF Series

IP66 outdoor LED display . High brightness, 150w per square meter average power consumption, no need any ventilation or air-conditioning system.

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Product & Services

These exciting LED displays with lightweight and slim designs provide a cost-effective, high brightness and versatility LED advertising display solution, which is easy to install for any application or environment.
outdoor LED display

Outdoor OB Series

Pixel pitch: 4/6.67/8/10mm
Brightness: ≥ 5000nits
IP grade: IP65
Size: customizable

outdoor LED display

Outdoor 320 Series

Pixel pitch: 4/6.67/8/10mm
Brightness: ≥ 5000nits
IP grade: IP65
Size: customizable

rental LED display

Rental RM Series

Pixel pitch: 2.97/3.91/4.91mm
Brightness: ≥ 1000 nits(Indoor)
Brightness: ≥ 4000 nits(Outdoor)
Size: 500mm*500mm

indoor LED display

Indoor T Series

Pixel pitch: 0.93/1.25/1.56/1.87mm
Brightness: 600~800nits
IP grade: IP31
Size: 600*337.5mm

Leading Technology

Our powerful team has amazing ability in designing & manufacturing LED display mechanical and electronics.

Cost effective

We maintain good product quality. We never sacrifice quality and only cooperate with top brands of materials.

Expert Experiences

We manufacture full range of LED displays.Eight years of industry experience in worldwide marketing, servicing more than 50 countries.

rental LED display
church led screen
Indoor led screen
Outdoor led screen

Many Years of Experience

We focus on each testing process when LED display production, and bring the high quality product to you.

FINE PIXEL LED (Shenzhen Fine Pixel Technology Co., LTD) was founded in 2014 in Shenzhen China, is a professional and high-tech company which engaged in outdoor and indoor full-color LED display related to the research, development, production, sales of outdoor or mobile advertising, indoor events, sports events or traffic signs products.

LED display factory

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