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Light has emerged as an important part of an aquarium because it not only helps in the growth of corals and plants but also improves aesthetics. But the question is which type of lighting to choose for the aquarium. While there are numerous options available, no one can beat the efficiency and performance of LED aquarium light for fish tank.

The next question to take into consideration is how to choose the right LED aquarium light. Yes, this question needs to be answered as soon as a person thinks of replacing old lights with the new ones. It’s necessary to come up with an appropriate option in order to be rest assured about the outcomes.

LED Aquarium Light
For that, here are a few factors to look for before making a purchase:


Needless to say, size of the lights depends upon the tank size along with a couple of other factors. Obviously, large tanks need more and powerful lights than smaller ones because lights cannot go into the depth of the aquarium. Even, the presence of photosynthetic organisms dictates the quantity of lights to be used. It is, therefore, necessary for people to do thorough research about the appropriate types of plants because corals are only intended for subtropical and tropical water.

Light Intensity

There are no particular requirements of fish tank LED aquarium lights . People can adjust them according to their preferences. Also, it depends on the types of organisms present in the aquarium because there are some who need more light than others. For instance, most plants can do well with 10 lumens per liter while some need 40 lumens per liter.

Cost and Features

It’s not easy to lighten an aquarium with whatever is available at ease. People have to consider various features and facilities in order to add that appeal to their aquariums. Since lighting is something that can do wonders for the aquarium, it’s selection should be done after some research.

There are some LEDs that operate on a timer while other change intensity and even light colors to give different wavelengths on different occasions. Their costs of led aquarium lights are also different in accordance with their capabilities and facilities for the owners.

Ideal Types of LED Aquarium Lights

According to the experts, there are two types of lights that can do wonders in an aquarium. People should choose either of them, instead of running after other less popular options:

1.Planted LED Lighting: In case of having real plants in the aquarium, people should be really careful about their positioning so that they can get enough light to continue their photosynthesis process. If the tank is deep, then high intensity LEDs are important. However, lighting also depends upon the requirements from plant species. Those, coming from tropical climates, would need more intensity that others.

2.Reef LED Lighting: The best part of reef aquariums is that they allow people to add colourful saltwater fishes as well as unique corals. Since corals are also a type of plants, they need lighting to carry out photosynthesis. But the difference is symbiotic algae that is responsible for the process instead of the coral polyps.

Setting-Up Aquarium Lighting

For first-time buyers, installation would be a little bit difficult because aquariums do not usually come with LED lights. They have to purchase them if they don’t want to go for those typical lighting versions. Even, the type of LED also needs to be cleared because each type has a different installation process. Some might be fixed on the walls while others are attached to the lids of the aquarium.

Since the aim is to ensure even spread of light, installation should be done with a lot of care and attention. All corals and plants must receive sufficient amount of light so that they can photosynthesize themselves.


After this discussion, one thing is quite clear that LED aquarium lights need the similar amount of attention as people used to give to their home lighting. They have to make sure that all factors are analysed properly and the chosen types are capable enough to meet the requirements.

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