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Whether people are thinking to revamp their foyer, tone up their dining room or enhance aesthetics to the area, chandeliers are always the classic choice to get things done in the right way. Nowadays, they are available in transitional, contemporary and modern styles that are capable to fit in an array of fixture designs. Apart from incredible style and durable materials, buyers have to look at their design, type of light source, size, dimming options, light output and more to come up with an ideal  LED chandelier.

But, if someone doesn’t feel like making a decision about how to proceed with their selection, then here are a few common questions to take into consideration:

LED chandelier
1.What are the factors to find an ideal chandelier?
With style as the first factor, there are three more areas that need buyers’ attention before making a decision: control (dimming), size/scale and direction of light output (glitter VS. glare).

The rule of thumb is to get the right size- not too small or too big. Disproportioned look can make the entire room look unpleasant and unwelcoming. Having a 30-inch tall LED chandelier in the room of 8-inch ceiling is not right since the chandelier will be quite low than its usual distance. Likewise, adding a small size can give dwarfed look, thereby not bringing the outcomes as they are expected.
So, to avoid making such inappropriate selections, below are three steps to follow:
  • Width and length in feet for the room
  • Sum those two numbers
  • The resultant will be the diameter of LED chandelier
2.While searching for contemporary or modern pieces, what are the considerable lighting trends?
To get a sleek and modern look, go for chrome finishes or satin nickel. Bronze finishes look good on transitional fixtures that are capable of combining designs from contemporary and traditional styles. Don’t forget to search for clean lines with minimal ornate decoration so that they will be in harmony with the material and finish of the LED chandelier.

3.What is the preferable amount of light for a room? How to make sure that the chandelier meets those expectations?
Since the aim of LED chandeliers is to work as decorative fixtures and revamp ambiance and style, no one can expect them to be acting like the primary source of light. Placing a piece in the center of the room doesn’t live up to the expectations, until and unless the bulbs are exposed so that light can spread everywhere in the room.

4.Do chandeliers use modern LED technology?
Yes, contemporary lighting manufacturers are bringing new and better versions of LED chandeliers every single day. LED technology has brought a significant revolution in the lighting mechanisms and create a huge difference between traditional incandescent and LED fixtures.

5.Does an LED chandelier enable users to create a romantic environment?
There are a number of LED chandeliers that are dimmable when combined with low voltage dimmer. But, don’t expect the same functions from all LED chandeliers for room. Buyers must check their specifications before finalizing the deal followed by considering manufacturer’s recommendations in order to find the compatible dimmers.

Is it possible to upgrade an old chandelier to a CFL (compact fluorescent) or LED with major replacements?
The process to shift from an old chandelier to a CFL or LED is referred to as retrofitting. It depends upon the type of fixture because there are a number of CFL and LED retrofit bulbs available in various bases and shapes to let buyers find something of their requirements.

Wrapping Up
There is much more to the selection of LED chandeliers that buyers have to look at before making a decision. It’s their responsibility to analyse their needs and tailor the search accordingly. 

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