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When it comes to revamping the overall appearance of the kitchen, nothing can be as effective as changing under cabinet lighting. Countertops are usually considered as work stations and therefore, it is necessary for them to be properly lit and less struggling for the users.

These cabinet lighting are not required to be limited to the kitchen. They can even be used in workshops, bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms and anywhere users would want them to be. However, the thing that is important to consider is the type of fixtures and other facilities that need to be installed underneath the cabinets.

LED under cabinet light

Practically, there are 4 types of cabinet lighting that can fit in any room as needed:

1.Puck lights

2.Bar lights or striplights

3.Tape or LED strips

4.Rope lighting

1.Bar Lights or Striplights

It is a traditional choice for under cabinet lighting that enables users to customize and link them in an even layer to ensure efficiency and convenience in the room. Since it comes with multiple fixtures in various lengths, users can make the most of its irregular length or rows to give a unique touch to their cabinets. The best of all, they do not generate that much heat, thereby making the work more comfortable than before.

What makes it different?
  • Durable fixtures for easy cleaning
  • Low-heat
  • Lighting is bright and uniform due to long tubes
  • Low-profile fixtures that make it fairly discreet
  • Light on the pocket
  • Contain high IP ratings for splashed locations like near stoves and sinks

2.Puck or Round Lights

Named due to their similarity with hockey pucks, round LED cabinet lights have turned out to be the simplest method of adding more light to the area underneath cabinetry. Famous for their easy-to-install, availability in different colors and styles and low profile, they pride themselves for giving that stylish touch to the room. The best part is they are available in cool and bright colors that need buyers to check out instructions on their package or test them for color and lumen correlated temperature or CCT.

What makes it different?
  • Optional battery-power facility available
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Perfect for areas that need focused and bright lighting
  • Available in many styles

3.Rope Lights

When it comes to getting flexibility from LED cabinet lights, rope lights emerge as the perfect option. They are capable of adding accent decoration or lighting anywhere inside the home, particularly under the cabinets. With their bending feature, there is no need to push or be hard on them. Their plastic casing or wiring might get damaged.maybe you want to know outdoor solar rope lights?

What makes it different?
  • Continue and even lighting due to their length
  • Water resistant, long lasting and reliable
  • Low profile but not as flat as a tape
  • Easy to conceal
  • Multiple pieces can be joined to get customized lengths

4.LED Strip or Tape Lights

While looking for a discreet cabinet light option, tape lights emerge as the desirable option because of their low profile and even layer of lighting. Their light placement and length is so incredible that it increases their flexibility. LED strip lights are available in numerous colors; some are dimmable and can be transformed into any length as users want.

What makes it different?
  • Even, uniform lighting
  • Energy efficient
  • Adhesive backing or clips make their installation easy
  • Shallow profile
  • Generate almost no heat


LED cabinet lights are capable of bringing a visible change in the ambience and environment of any room, especially the kitchen. Their wide range of fixture styles, light types and installation methods is something that is not available anywhere in the market. Buyers just have to figure out whether they want wireless, plug-in or hard-wired cabinet lighting according to the requirements of their place.

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