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Novastar TB4 4G
  • Novastar Taurus TB4
  • Novastar TB4 4G
Novastar Taurus TB4Novastar TB4 4G
Product Details
Novastar Multimedia player TB4

Load capacity: 1.3 million

Wifi function: √

3G, 4G functions: √ (optional)

Processing capacity: 8 cores, 2GB memory + onboard 8GB storage, optional 4GB

Asynchronous switching: √

Stitching load: √

Redundant backup: ×

Novastar Taurus series video controller is the second-generation multimedia player for small and medium LED full-color displays, door top screen,advertising poster, small fixed installation, transparent led screen, light pole display, trailer screen, chain store screen.

Novastar TB4:

Support multi-screen playback synchronization.

Supports synchronous asynchronous dual mode.

Strong processing performance.

Comprehensive control.

Support WiFi AP connection.

Novastar TB4 features:

Supports 1.3 load capacity, width up to 4096 pixel,height up to 1920 pixels.

Supports gigabit wired networks.

Support stereo audio output.

Supports HDMI Loop.

Support manual and timing switch synchronous/asynchronous mode.

Support U disk program import and playback.

Supports HDMI input mode and full-screen adaptive playback.

Onboard brightness sensor interface,automatic and timing intelligent brightness adjustment.

Support multi-screen playback synchronization

Novastar TB4 supports turning on or off the synchronous playback.

Powerful processing performance

8-core processor, clocked at 1.5GHz

Support H.265 4K HD video decoding playback

Support 1080P video decoding

2GB memory

Onboard 32GB internal storage, available 28GB

Comprehensive control

PC program release and control

Remote remote program release and control

LAN program release and control

Mobile program release and control

Remote cluster monitoring

Support synchronous and asynchronous dual mode

When using the internal video source, Novastar LED TB4 is asynchronous mode; when using HDMI input video source, TB4 is the synchronous mode. For synchronous,full-screen zoom to make LED screen play adaptively according to the size of LED display.

Full screen zoom requirements in synchronous mode:

64 pixels ≤ video source width ≤ 2048 pixels

Only supports zoom out, not zoom in

Users can manually and regularly switch between synchronous/asynchronous mode and set HDMI priority.

Support WiFi AP connection

Electrical parameters

Maximum power consumption 18W

Input voltage 100V ~ 240V AC

Storage memory 2GB

Internal storage 32GB onboard, user available 28GB

Working environment temperature -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

Humidity 0% RH ~ 80% RH, non-condensing

Storage environment temperature -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃

Humidity 0% RH ~ 80% RH, non-condensing

Packaging Dimensions (L × W × H) 375mm × 280mm × 108mm

1 × TB4

1 × AC power cord

1 × WiFi

1 × Quick Guide

Dimensions (length × width × height) 278.5mm × 139.5mm × 45.0mm

Weight 1301.9g

Protection class IP20
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