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LED display technology has brought Ball screen theater into our lives and entertainment industry, becoming a stand-out in modern entertainment. DOITVISION Ball screen theater stands apart from conventional cinema by featuring not only flat but semi-spherical or bowl-shaped large LED dome screens, which project movie content onto their interior surfaces; viewers are thus assured a complete and immersive picture from every direction.

Ball Screen Theater (Dom Theaters) Represent a Revolutionary Display Technology

Dom theaters represent an innovative display technology which provides viewers with the immersivest viewing experience among existing display modes.

At Ball Screen Theaters, they break free of the restrictions imposed by flat and regular images to projecting them as unique 3D shapes on an interior dome dome screen. Through dome blending software large images are seamlessly stitched and corrected on curvier surfaces without distorting images – providing an unforgettable dreamlike experience and providing panoramic imagery across special curved and even spherical surfaces for panoramic pictures to be projected upon them.

Ball Screen Theater

Types of Ball Screen Theater Ball screen

Theater projects have long been recognized for their immersive audio-visual effects and unique surround sensation. There are three primary forms of ball screen theater in the market – Tilted Dome, Horizontal Dome and Vertical Dome.

Tilted Dome Screen Theater

Tilted dome screens can be found both in planetariums and entertainment venues. When used within planetariums, viewers have an unobstructed view of all parts of the screen while entertainment venue dome screens offer superior visual effects that immerse audiences into content. When used at entertainment venues dome screens provide superior viewing experiences which engage their audiences further into what is going on behind it all – though mobile dome screens’ front part often close to the ground can result in shadows being cast onto it due to visitors entering or exiting through doors in/out while external screens may feature stickers or designs in keeping with theme events or special events that take place inside domes.

Advantages: Compatible with domes of any size.

Disadvantages: Height clearance may be reduced when compared with similar-sized flat screens.

Applications: Science museums, planetariums, 360deg education films etc.

Horizontal Ball Screen Theater

Horizontal screens are typically situated 2.5 meters off of the ground, enabling viewers to move freely within them without disturbing projection. They’re ideal for immersive art installations in galleries and festivals as well as hosting events like dining, company presentations, parties or performing art performances.

In common planetarium dome screens with horizontal screens often used with tiered seating configurations like those found at planetariums: viewers must sit tilted seats for full vision while entering or exiting freely while lying comfortably on bean bags or mats while enjoying global screen’s immersive global experience!

Advantages: Freedom of movement within the dome, suitable for dome activities.

Disadvantages: Not suitable for domes smaller than 10 meters. Applications: Business events, stage concerts, immersive restaurants and parties etc.

Vertical Ball screen theater

As vertical “Ball Theaters” have become an increasingly popular amusement park and tourist attraction feature, their immersive curved screens engulf visitors in an almost life-like visual experience. When combined with suspended flight simulator seats simulating movie lenses’ movement and suspended flight simulator seats that provide real movement similar to movies scenes viewed. But additional engineering must also ensure stability and safety during installation by supporting and distributing weight evenly over its surface area.


Not affected by weather and indoor experience year-round;

provides different riding experiences based on different movie themes;

Disadvantages: requires significant investment;

Applications include flying cinemas, theme parks and simulation flights etc.

Each type of Ball screen theater presents both advantages and drawbacks for investors; DOITVISION advises them to select wisely according to their budget and needs. With ongoing technological upgrades expected in future versions of these theaters, audiences should anticipate even more immersive viewing experiences!

Ball screen theater’s characteristic

Overcome limitations associated with flat image displays.

Their visual presentation with their signature spherical appearance quickly grabs visitors’ attention while adding an air of technology and intrigue.

Ball screen theater also feature high-fidelity sound systems;

equipped with multichannel surround sound capabilities they ensure viewers hear every subtle sound within movies for an enhanced immersive experience.


Not only can its size and content be altered to the user’s requirements, but a dome blending system ensures no issues such as distortion and inconsistence in color tones occur. Furthermore, an enormous interior screen provides 360deg surround visual impact combined with stereo effects which help create a sense of presence ideal for depicting grand scenes such as universe, Earth or ocean scenes.

Ball Screen Theater

Applications of Ball Screen Theater

Ball screen theater has many uses beyond screening movies; such as educational documentaries, gaming experiences and virtual driving simulation. Ball screen theater is most frequently applied in large dome cinemas (digital planetariums), large science museums, museums, theme parks and virtual simulation driving cabins among other venues.

Planetariums use Ball screen theater to simulate exploration of the universe, geologic evolution and other scientific content more intuitively; for gaming applications in particular it presents game scenes on an expansive dome screen to increase immersion and excitement while offering players a truly new gaming experience.

Furthermore, Ball screen theater can be combined with virtual reality technology (such as driving virtual cars and planes without space limitations or restrictions) providing safe learning experiences which yield excellent learning results.

Planetariums that utilize ball screen theater to display various galaxies, constellations and celestial content give visitors the impression they are standing astride the Earth while viewing all of creation from space. Visitors may recognize numerous galaxies while learning more about Milky Way astronomy; stimulating further interest for exploration of astronomy knowledge among visitors.

DOITVISION Ball screen theater not only enhances viewing options for its audience but also gives them more diverse choices in today’s highly competitive entertainment industry. When adopted into their portfolios by investors, Ball screen theater can give investors a distinct competitive edge and audiences eagerness to experience new technologies will fuel its thriving development – constantly innovating technology to enhance cinema viewing experiences is its future direction.

How Much Does a Ball Theater Cost?

A ball Theater investment project offers investors substantial returns; however, its capital requirements differ compared to similar ventures. Let’s briefly investigate this expense.

Investors need to first assess the venue requirements for DOITVISION Ball Theater; typically requiring at least 60 square meters in size in order to fully deploy LED interior dome technology. Additionally, in order to provide immersive audio-visual effects at their venue, investors need advanced sound systems and motion seats – typically cost components exceeding 3 million yuan – in addition to taking into account operating expenses, including labor expenses, equipment maintenance charges and venue rent costs.

Annual operating costs for Ball Theaters typically average 600,000. Thus, their overall costs amount to at least 3.6 Million Yuan or higher. If your specific needs require customization options that go beyond standard solutions offered through DOITVISION offerings .


Ball screen theater represents an innovative leap forward for entertainment industries, providing audiences with immersive viewing experiences that cannot be replicated elsewhere. From its many applications and customization choices, to technological upgrades that keep evolving as audiences seek out novel experiences; Ball screen theater stands to experience continued growth.